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Noah Thompson Talks Winning Season 20 of 'American Idol'

The winner of American Idol 2022 is...

Noah Thompson!

The Season 20 champion chatted with Ryan Seacrest on-air right after his win... and on his first ever radio interview ever... all about how he's feeling and how different this life is from what he was doing just two years ago. Before joining the competition, the singer was working in construction and singing on the job. His friend Arthur heard his talent and signed him up for the Idol auditions!

Thompson competed at the last round of American Idol with runner up, HunterGirl.

"He was going, doing his job, hard work, hard labor, and then gets this opportunity, and then every week kind of chipped away closer and closer and closer," Seacrest shared about Thompson. "He was the most authentic person, there is no act with Noah. That is just who you are."

Photo: OAWRS

Watch the full interview with Noah and Seacrest above!