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Three Tips To Help You Meet Someone At A Bar, According To Bartenders

Headed to the bar this weekend? If you are looking to meet someone new while you’re there, Ryan Seacrest shared on-air the best tips to do it, according to bartenders!

Bartenders usually have the front row seat when it comes to seeing how people meet each other and know the best tips on how to be successful doing so!

The three tips they say work best are:

  • SIT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BAR - You will not be noticed if you sit at the ends of the bar
  • PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN - No one will talk to you if you’re buried in your screen!
  • PICK THE RIGHT NIGHT - It’s actually NOT Friday and Saturday…Tuesdays and Wednesdays are much more chill!

Photo: Pexels/OAWRS

Watch the video above for more! Will you try any of these tips? Maybe reschedule your weekend bar trip to Tuesday or Wednesday!