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“King of Poses” David Suh on Finding Your Best Angles For A Photo

Photo: OAWRS/David Suh

David Suh is a photographer by trait got a lot of his attention on TikTok for his photo posing tutorials, which coined him the name as the “King of Poses.” Such has over 4 million followers on TikTok and shares some of his tips to achieve the best angles and striking your best pose based on your body type, features, and more. 

Ryan Seacrest chatted with the popular pose coach to find out what the trick is for taking a good picture, even if you are not photogenic.

Seacrest asked David if there was a universal pose that everyone can use for their go-to pose. “That’s tough, Ryan. It’s like saying is there one outfit that’s gonna work for every single person,” the pose expert shared.

Listen to the full interview below for David Suh’s tips and tricks for getting the best angles for your photos and check him out on TikTok for more.