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How Do You Get Out Of Attending A Wedding?

Weddings can be expensive... especially destination weddings or if you have to travel to get there. You have to take into account the cost of travel, clothing, food, hotel, and even a gift for the bride and groom!

So how can you avoid getting out of it if it is too pricey and not a convenient time for you?

This is a weird time for everyone, and people are having to fork up more money than they anticipated to attend multiple weddings that were delayed because of the pandemic, or dedicate a lot more time to attending certain events, so it is fair to pick and choose.

Producer Macayla is having the same dilemma as many are having right now. She told Ryan Seacrest a friend is getting married, but flights are expensive right now, and it is not the right time where she wants to fly and visit her family and friends, especially if they are not as close as they used to be.

Watch the video above for her dilemma and what advice Seacrest, Sisanie and Tanya Rad gave her. If you agree with them or have your own suggestions, let us know on social what YOU would do if you were Macayla - @onairwithryan

Photo: Pexels/OAWRS