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Competitive Eater Raina Huang Talks About Her Mind-Blowing Food Challenges!

Photo: OAWRS/Raina Huang

If you could eat the whole menu at a restaurant, where would you eat at? Competitive eater Raina Huang joined Ryan Seacrest to talk about her impressive skill of eating so much food at an extremely fast pace. With over 3 million followers on TikTok, Raina told Seacrest she has toured over 40 states and several countries and participated in food countries worldwide.

What are some of her typical food challenges? From 8 pound burritos to eating a 50x50 cheeseburger with 50 patties and 50 slices of cheese at In-N-Out, to a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts in a minute, there's no limit to what she can do. She even ate the ENTIRE menu at Panda Express in one sitting!

Listen to the full interview with Raina below and check out her amazing TikTok food challenges.