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Ryan Seacrest

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Why The Gym and Studio Have A Similar Vibe For Netta

Photo: Getty

If you haven't heard of this incredible artist, this is the time.

Meet Netta - an incredibly talented, one-of-a-kind singer and multi-instrumentalist out of Israel, who’s already a big star in other parts of the world.

She won the prestigious Eurovision contest in 2018, and now she's finally taking off stateside with her empowering and must-hear new single “I Love My Nails." Her incredible live performances are guaranteed to be legendary with her amazing creation of the music on stage.

What is the one thing about music Netta loves the most? She says it's connecting with people, exchanging energy with them and making them happy. 

According to the singer, the writing and recording side feels a bit more like work, but in the BEST possible way!

Netta’s breakout single “I Love My Nails” is out now!