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Do You Believe Rejection Is Redirection?

Charlie Puth Performs At Yoop eSpace In Los Angeles

Photo: Getty Images

I bring this up because I think we all can relate to rejection. It happens all the time in the dating world, in our careers, but where does it cut deep? School!

A TikTok user was documenting his audition process for Juilliard and in his latest video, he revealed that he got a rejection. So who takes this into his own hands as a time for some encouragement? Our friend Charlie Puth.

Charlie made his own response to the video saying: “Hello Axel, … not only did I not get into Julliard, but I didn’t get into 5 of these prestigious schools that I wanted to get into that I thought could better my career… we experience rejection every day of our lives… it’s the thing that pushes you further creatively.”

First off, Charlie the life coach on top of musical genius! But, I want to talk about rejection, even though we know it all ultimately leads us to where we are meant to be, how do you get out of the sting or funk when it happens?

I think we should forever look at rejection instead as redirection!