Hockey Fan Helps Save Team Manager’s Life After Spotting Cancerous Mole

See something, say something. A hockey fan and medical student named Nadia Popovici saved the life of Brian Hamilton, an assistant equipment manager for the Vancouver Canucks, by pointing out his cancerous mole during the game.

Nadia, who was at the game with her parents, noticed the mole and used her iPhone to write a message to Brian. Nadia shared with Ryan Seacrest she didn't know if he'd see it, but she figured it was worth a shot so she wrote “mole,” “cancer” and “doctor” in bright-red on her phone to get his attention.

Brian saw the message and later ended up at the doctors where indeed the mole was deemed cancerous and removed.

Find out how Brian ended up tracking down Nadia to thank her and to learn how else the team is now thanking Nadia by watching back her chat with Ryan Seacrest above!