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Road Runner Makes Trip Across Country in Back of Moving Van

The greater roadrunner, normally stick around the Southwestern states until one lucky bird hitched a ride in Las Vegas! The vehicle was road-tripping all the way to Westbrook, Maine. Once, the Looney Tune character was found, volunteers dropped it off at Avian Haven, a bird rehabilitation facility in Maine.

A rep at Avian Haven said they first were notified about the bird Nov. 13 and it will be relaxing at their facility for a few days. They reported that the bird is in remarkably great shape, considering it being in a van for a few days.

The bird facility is looking at ways to return the roadrunner to Nevada, hopefully better than throwing it in a van! The move will be made once the bird is, "healthy enough", said Diane Winn, Avian Haven’s executive director.

For now, the bird has been put up in a nice, spacious, and comfortable space at the rehabilitation center. We can't wait to hear about the return trip!