Jared Leto Details 7 Hour Daily Transformation for 'House of Gucci' Role

If you didn't know that was Jared Leto, you would never know. The Oscar-winning actor is completely unrecognizable in his latest role in House of Gucci. Jared shared with Ryan Seacrest it took 7 — yes, seven! — hours a day to transform into the character.

"I knew nothing about the family," Jared shared of the film's story. "I didn't know that there was a murder in the family and I think a lot of people are going to be shocked. ... It's a wild one."

Fans are also going to be shocked by Leto himself.

Photo: Credit: OAWRS

"No one has ever seen me quite like this before," he teased. "It was a massive physical transformation. ... I love immersive work. I love a good transformation ... and the challenge and the reward. It took about 6 hours every morning to transform and an hour at night and the physical part was quite something, but really it's about the spirit of the character the heart and the soul that's the important part of it."

Plus, Jared added, working with Al Pacino was the "experience of a lifetime."

Watch back the full interview with Jared to learn more and catch House of Gucci out November 24.