Vanessa Lachey Shares How Her Mom Abandoning Her Shaped Her Marriage, Life

Vanessa Lachey is sharing her story to help others make memories of their own, despite their upbringing. The NCIS: Hawaii star joined Ryan Seacrest on-air ahead of the release of her new book, Life From Scratch, and shared her mom abandoning her as a little girl shaped her to create the life she wanted for her own family.

"It's targeted for those who crave tradition, familiarity, nostalgia, family and friends entertaining," Vanessa shared of the book, which drops on November 16, and features a collection of season-by-season recipes, holiday hacks, birthday rituals, and date night ideas for creating family celebrations.

Photo: Credit: OAWRS

"In a nutshell, … my mom left when I was really young," Vanessa reflected. "And instead of seeing the glass as half empty ... I finally bucked up and said, 'What am I going to do about it? I’m going to find my Prince Charming and we're going to have a family,'" Vanessa added. "… I created this life from scratch with Nick [Lachey] …and the tagline is 'family traditions start with you' and none of our messy pasts … have to define our future and where we're going and what we want in life," she concluded.

Listen back to the full interview for more, including to hear how the family is adapting to life in Hawaii after moving from Los Angeles.