Could You Be With Someone Who Says They’re Not “The Marrying Type”?

Could you be with someone that says they are not “the marrying type”? Tanya Rad brought up the convo on-air after Jamie Foxx recently shared in his new book, Act Like You Got Some Sense, that he's not racing to the alter anytime soon.

In the book, he basically states he isn't the marrying type to anyone who dates in his future “because I’ve had two children without being married to their mothers" and while "everyone’s been asking me about getting married ... I’ve just never been convinced that marriage was a good idea for me. I’ve had friends that have great marriages, others not so much.”

So it got Tanya and Seacrest thinking: If you went into a relationship with someone knowing they weren’t the marrying type and you wanted to get married, what would you do?

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