What's Your Preferred Sleep Position?

Your cuddle position with your partner says a lot about you. So, what about your preferred sleeping position?

Ryan Seacrest shared on-air he can't side sleep or else his shoulder falls alseep.

Did you know according to the experts, how you sleep can reveal a lot about your relationship?

SPOONING: Spooning couples see eye-to-eye on everything. They even eat and dress alike.

HEAD ON CHEST: You feel protected by/protective of the other person and can count on them in difficult times.

BACK-TO-BACK: Mutual respect. You're comfortable apart, but still there for each other.

Photo: Credit: OAWRS

LEGS ENTWINED: You have your own spaces, but still crave a connection.

FACE-TO-FACE EMBRACE: This couple is really into each other and share everything with each other.

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