Do You Have a First Date Rule? This Celeb's Might Surprise You


Photo: AFP

Do you have a first date rule? Tanya Rad shared on-air with Ryan Seacrest actress Alicia Silverstone recently opened up about dating post-divorce and using dating apps. And her go-to first date "rule" is sparking a convo.

"I always thought it sounded fascinating. It sounded like it opened up a lot of possibilities for people and created hope. And I’ve heard tons of beautiful stories from people," the Clueless star said in a recent interview, revealing she follows a first date rule: no alcohol.

Tanya shared Alicia explained her mind goes to "sexy time" after a few glasses of wine and it clouds her judgment. Like, even if you don’t like them, suddenly after some wine you do. So her rule: "No alcohol until I already know I like you.”

Do you have a first date rule? Listen back to the audio to hear Tanya's and for more.