Ryan Reynolds Jokes About Being a Girl Dad: My Daughters Still 'Brawl'

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's daughters are tough cookies. The Free Guy actor joked with Ryan Seacrest his daughters still "brawl."

Reynolds, who is dad to girls James, Inez and Betty, shared with pregnant Sisanie having three kids is like "drowning at sea and then someone throws you a baby."

"You are losing and you will always lose," he jokingly added.

When Seacrest admitted he's worried about raising boys because of his lack of athleticism, Reynolds recalled his own upbringing being the youngest of four boys.

"Having four boys is terrifying to me … I was a moving target … so having daughters is a little different, but by the way, my daughters also brawl," he jokingly added. "But so far nothing in the house has been set on fire. No one's stolen my car. So, so far so good. So being a girl dad is awesome."

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Catch Free Guy in theaters on August 13.