Here’s How to Check If You Really Love Your Baby Name Choice

Photo: Credit: Pexels

Trying to figure out the perfect name for your baby-to-be? Ryan Seacrest shared on-air the checklist to test if you really love your name choice, inspired by

Sisanie, who is pregnant with baby No. 3 and due any day now, has a name locked, so does her name pass the test?

Check out what questions to ask yourself about the name to find out if it's the perfect fit below:

· How will the name look on a greeting card?

· How will the name sound when it’s called out in a pediatrician’s office?

· Have you considered nicknames? Are you ok with a shortened version of it?

· Have you considered initials? AKA avoid any awkward ones like SEX, ATV or HPV?

· Do any celebrities with the same name have a questionable reputation?

· Could the name be mispronounced?

· How does it sounds when you say the name disapprovingly?