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Sex/Life’s Adam Demos on That Shower Scene and Much, Much More! Watch

If you have the internet, you've likely seen or heard about episode three of Netflix's Sex/Life. The hunk of an actor going viral in the steamy new series, Adam Demos, joined Ryan Seacrest on-air to discuss that shower scene and much, much more.

The series revolves around a love triangle between a woman, her husband, and her past that takes a provocative new look at married life and desire.

In regards to the ep that's been talked about around the world, where Demos, yes, bares it all, the Aussie actor joked "whatever gets people to enjoy the show."

That said, "the storyline really grabs people in and gets people in because it is relatable," Demos added.

Sisanie, who is married with kids, can agree. Sis shared the series helped reignite the spark between her and her husband.

Photo: Credit: OAWRS Zoom

“We’ve heard that feedback," Adam added. "Couples are watching it together for sure. It's having a lot of different reactions for people, but that's definitely one of the more positive ones.”

As for Tanya, who is dating, she said the series actually gave her a bit of anxiety which Demos chops up to the topic of whether you can really have it all in life.

Watch back the full interview with Adam and Seacrest and stream Sex/Life on Netflix out now.