Tanya Rad’s Boyfriend Threw Her a Surprise Party! All the Details

Photo: Credit: Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad's boyfriend threw her the sweetest surprise birthday party over the weekend. Tanya shared on-air with Ryan Seacrest and Sisanie she was so surprised, she couldn't stop crying.

Tanya shared she originally wanted to host her own party, but once she received the quote she aborted the mission and her boyfriend, Roby, then stepped in.

Roby planned a full day and evening of events for Tanya, telling her just what to wear but the real surprise came at night.

"So we're getting ready [for dinner] and he’s like 'Shoot, I left your present at my house. I want to get it before we go,'" Tanya shared. "So we go to his house and … I open the door and all these ppl are screaming 'Surprise!' … and I just start sobbing. … I was overwhelmed and … he’d set up this beautiful dinner … and it was so detailed-oriented and thoughtful."

Roby had all of Tanya's closest friends there and even a curated drink menu perfect for our modern woman.

Take a look at the photos and listen back for more details!