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What Does 'Sheesh' Mean? Explaining That Viral TikTok Slang

You've heard it all over TikTok and Reels: clips of food, makeovers and even confessionals overlaid with loud, high-pitched choruses of “sheeeeeeesh.” So, what does it mean? And, even more important, is it "cool" to say it?

Sisanie broke down the viral slang on-air and shared according to Merriam Webster, the word has been in use since the 1900s to “express disappointment, annoyance, or surprise," but on TikTok, “sheesh” signifies everything from bragging, to cringe, to excitement!

It can mean anything from "dang, you look good" or ‘"OK, I see you" when someone does something impressive.

But, don't go running around saying "sheesh" just yet.

Gen Z apparently thinks it’s cringey for millennials to say “sheesh”.