Richard Marx Recalls Meeting Then ‘Crush’ & Now Wife Daisy Fuentes

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Richard Marx is sharing his story in new memoir Stories to Tell and one tale just so happens to be when he met his now-wife of 6 years Daisy Fuentes.

"I was touring in the early 90s, mid-90s and we used to do these things in music business called 'in-stores' … and sign stuff and ... it was a great fan interaction," Richard recalled to Ryan Seacrest on-air, revealing the store owner would then allow you to go through and grab whatever you wanted, including calendars.

Photo: Credit: OAWRS Zoom

"This one time there was a calendar section and they had whoever at the time, Heather Locklear, and … then I see Daisy Fuentes' calendar and I'd always had this crush on her," Richard added. "And here's the thing: I was always aware she was obviously gorgeous, physically, but whenever I'd see her on MTV or hosting a TV show, I was like 'she seems really fun' … so I bought the calendar and then I married her!"

Marx, who just so happened to be Seacrest's first-ever concert, shares more of their romance in the book among a bevy of other stories. Watch back the full interview above and pick up your copy of Stories to Tell now!