Anthony Ramos Shares How Getting Fired Led to a Career-Defining Moment

When one door closes, another opens! Anthony Ramos joined Ryan Seacrest on-air on Tuesday, July 6, and shared how getting fired led to a career-defining moment — and also his fiancée, Jasmine Cephas Jones!

Ramos, who stars in latest hit In the Heights, recalled how being laid off from a Radio City Music Hall gig led to Lin-Manuel Miranda's gig.

"I got laid off … 77 cast members [did]," Ramos shared. "We were doing the show called Heart and Lights at Radio City … and I was one of the singers in the show and I was doing auditions for Hamilton at the time … and I finally did my last audition, it was my fourth audition, and I then I went to work that day and there was a note on the board and it said 'Everybody don’t bother signing in' .. and I was like, 'Yo, I think we’re fired.' … It was wild," Ramos continued. "So we had a party. We emptied out all the alcohol in the fridges … and then a few hours later I get the call from the casting company … and they were like, 'Hey we heard about Heart and Lights we'd love you to be a part of Hamilton's Mixtape, that was the name at the time.”

Photo: Credit: OAWRS Zoom

The gig not only granted Ramos a career-defining role, but it was also how he met his soon-to-be wife!

Watch back the full interview to hear the whole story and stream In the Heights out now.