Olly Alexander on Turning Years and Years Into a Solo Project

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Singer, actor and all-round entertainer Olly Alexander has been releasing music as the frontman of the band Years and Years since 2010, but in March, Olly announced a new Years and Years album as a solo artist.

And there’s no bad blood between the former trio. In fact, Olly tells EW the decision to go separate ways happened pretty organically.

"I've been making music by myself the last 18 months and prior to that as we were making the 2nd album we had [already] kind of begun to make music separately," he shared. "Over the years, we grew apart musically as a band from when we had started. And nothing bad happened. It just happened naturally. We just had to talk about it and really be honest with each other."

Olly's first Years and Years solo song called “Starstruck” is catching fire and Olly, who’s a proud and vocal member of the LGBTQ+ community, performed an incredible stripped-down version of it for iHeartRadio’s Can’t Cancel Pride. The annual Pride fundraiser was in part thanks to Allé, one of Can’t Cancel Pride’s generous sponsors, a proud supporter of every aesthetics journey.

Check out Olly's performance below: