Expert Shares How to Start Socializing Your Pandemic Puppy

Photo: Credit: @RyanSeacrest Instagram

Did you get a puppy in quarantine? A lot of people spent their newfound time at home with a fur baby and now, with the world reopening, they've found their pup has social anxiety! So, what's the best way to get your dog acquainted with humans and other dogs?

A caller shared their dilemma with Ryan Seacrest who then enlisted the help of dog expert Kristen Stavola. Stavola is the founder and executive director of Rescues Rock, a community-based animal welfare education and rescue organization. Rescues Rock operates BarkPark, the rescue’s dedicated foster house located in Laurel Canyon. During Covid lockdown, BarkPark opened their doors as a partner to LA animal services and saved hundreds of at-risk animals while the city’s shelters were closed to the public.

So, what advice does Stavola have for dog owners to help transition their pups?

Listen back to their chat above and follow Rescues Rock for more guidance here.