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Kris Jenner Reveals the One Thing They Didn't Want Fans to See on 'KUWTK'

After 20 seasons and nearly 15 years, and not to mention 10 official spinoffs, Keeping Up With the Kardashians is coming to an end. The iconic E! reality show, produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions, debuted back in 2007 and momager Kris Jenner never imagined it would grow to be what it has.

Kris Jenner joined Ryan Seacrest on-air on Thursday, June 10, for an emotional trip down memory lane ahead of the series finale tonight on E! and shared everything from the one thing they didn't want fans to see to what's next for the famous family.

"It's always been such a crazy, wild time around our house," Kris reflected. "… People often said, 'Oh my goodness! This is a TV show!' … And it wasn’t until I met you and your team, Ryan, that somebody said, 'You know what? She might be right so let's give it a go.' … Do you realize when we got together and we started this magical journey together there wasn’t even Instagram? … Barely Twitter … and you called me up one day and said, 'You might want to tell Kim about this thing called Twitter.”

Fast-forward to 2021 and Kim — along with the rest of the family — are among the most-followed people on social media.

Fans have witnessed everything from punches being thrown, to births and cheating scandals and divorces to everything in between. So is there anything Kris and the family didn't want fans to witness that was documented over all these years?

Photo: Credit: OAWRS Zoom/Getty Images

“We had the opportunity to go in and edit things that we were uncomfortable with and I think the only thing we’ve ever edited in all those 20 seasons and almost 15 years was probably like the back of my hair where I had a cowlick," Kris admitted. "The silliest things. We kept everything in because we knew that's what would make sense for us, our family, [and] our dynamic with our audience. ... So we made great decisions where that's concerned because I think that was part of the success of the show was to have the nerve to show everything.”

So, is it really over?

The family has since signed a multi-year Disney deal to produce "new global content" that will stream on Hulu and Disney Star platforms later this year. As for what that entails exactly, we'll have to wait.

"The Kardashians always have more to come," Seacrest teased while Kris added: "All I can say is buckle your seatbelts.”

Listen back to the full interview with Kris Jenner and Seacrest in the audio above for more, including to learn how Kris feels about Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's whirlwind romance. Catch the series finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians tonight on E! at 8pm ET/PT.