Brian Baumgartner Shares Why 'The Office' Still Resonates 8 Years Later

The Office may have wrapped in 2013, but it's still one of TV's most highly-rated series. So why does the show still resonate with so many people, especially the younger generation?

Beloved Brian Baumgartner shared the series is relatable, whether you're in the office or classroom.

"That truly and legitimately is why I gathered everyone together again for this podcast," Brian shared with Ryan Seacrest, referring to his podcast The Office Deep Dive. "We haven’t shot anything in 8 years and it's now the most-watched show in all of television. … I wanted to know why and that's really why we got back together all this time.”

"One of the reasons it survived as well as it has is because of the way it's shot in that documentary style," Brian added. "… A documentary by its definition can’t be dated.”

That said, Brian joked it's not entirely kid-friendly.

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

"We have episodes with like blow-up dolls and talking explicitly about the human anatomy so I don’t know how young you should go but, … the reason I think is because it translates," he added. "… Having to deal with an unreasonable boss making their employees do unreasonable things and sitting next to weird people that you don’t choose to sit next to translates so much to the classroom. … It's like Cheers but Cheers you choose to hang out at this bar night after night. This you’re forced to just like kids are forced to be in school.”

Check out the podcast here and watch back the full interview in the video above!