Wild Viral Video Shows Teenager, 17, Shove Bear Away to Save Her Dogs

Credit: Getty Images

This is wild! A 17-year-old girl from San Gabriel Valley in California is going viral for protecting her pups in a now-viral video.

In the surveillance video, a mama bear and two cubs walk along a brick wall in the teen’s backyard. Three of the family’s dogs start barking at them when the cubs leave while the mom bear starts swatting at the dogs.

You then see the teen run and shove the bear away while quarreling her dogs back into the house.

“I see the bear, it’s grabbing my dog, Valentina, and I have to run over there. She’s a baby,” Hailey later told KTLA. “And the first thing I think to do is push the bear. And somehow it worked.”

Watch back the viral video above! What would you do?