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Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan is quite simply one of the most influential, well-regarded, and well-known names in Hollywood. He is the quintessential Hollywood insider who...Full Bio


This Listener Made $2 Million In Cryptocurrency: Listen

As a disclaimer, we do not recommend putting all of your money into Cryptocurrency. It is very volatile and speculative, so be careful! But, with that said, there are some success stories we’re seriously fascinated by.

Ryan Seacrest connected with a listener named Glauber Contessoto who now has a value of $2 million in Cryptocurrency all thanks to Dogecoin.

In February, after reading a Reddit thread about Dogecoin, Glauber went all in. He maxed out his credit cards and spent everything he had on the digital currency, about $250,000, and his friends thought he was nuts.

The value of his Dogecoin holdings today though? About $2 million!

So, how did he do it and what does he recommend? Listen back to learn more.