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Chris Martin Shares What COVID, Quarantine Taught Him: 'Was Quite Humbling'

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Coldplay's new track "Higher Power" has arrived and it's a major vibe. Frontman Chris Martin joined Ryan Seacrest on-air on Friday, May 7, and shared the uplifting, joyful new track, which was produced by Max Martin and recorded during quarantine, came from a simple drumbeat on the sink — and during a humbling time.

“I think for me, personally, it was a real indicator that we are all family on earth," Chris shared with Seacrest while reflecting on the global pandemic and rough 2020. "The welfare of someone is the same as your welfare and a virus can show how borders and all that stuff don’t really mean anything. So, for me, it was quite humbling in a way. [Like] ‘I’m a big rockstar. I’m this, I’m that.’ No, no. You're just part of the human gang so I found it very humanizing and humbling and of course I’m very grateful we were able to keep recording and doing one half of what we love.”

That recording ability brought fans new track "Higher Power" which the band dropped on May 7. Chris shared when it comes to Coldplay's ever-evolving music, inspiration comes from many places.

"I get told where we're going if that makes any sense and we kind of stayed on that path. I’m almost like following a road. I know it doesn’t make any sense. ... This new song, 'Higher Power,' it was a title first," he shared of the creation process. "And I was trying to see what song would be around it and the actual song just kind of landed from space. … This is one of those songs that kind of fell from the sky in one go. It started, you can hear it, … [from] a drumbeat on a sink and I did that on my phone and then the rest of the song sort of [came] through.”

So, does the track indicate what's to come from the band for their 9th studio album?

"I would say so, yeah," Chris confirmed. "We were lucky enough to have Max Martin produce us. Right now, it's like an old-school producer; he’s our producer and he’s just wonderful. It's been so joyful.”

Listen back to the full interview in the audio above for more and don't miss Chris Martin take over American Top 40 for Ryan Seacrest this weekend with Coldplay's Jonny Buckland. Plus, Coldplay will also be mentoring contestants and performing on American Idol this weekend.

Listen live and use the hashtag #ColdplayOnAT40 on social to connect with the duo ahead of the weekend! Martin and Buckland will answer questions from callers and fans tweeting with the hashtag #ColdplayOnAT40 via Twitter@AmericanTop40

Catch Coldplay on American Idol this Sunday on ABC at 8/7c.