Is Patience the Key to a Successful Relationship?

Is patience the key to a successful relationship? Tanya Rad shared on-air the key to George Clooney and Amal's marriage lies within compromise, setting boundaries and patience.

Clooney and Amal tied the knot in 2014 and a source revealed to Us Weekly that Hollywood's previous most eligible bachelor shared they put constant effort into their relationship.

“Like any marriage, they’ve had their challenges and need to adapt to certain situations and challenges," the source shared. "It’s taken compromise, establishing boundaries, and a lot of patience to keep the relationship on track.”

Credit: Getty Images/OAWRS Zoom

Credit: Getty Images/OAWRS Zoom

Tanya pointed out that patience is an underrated word when it comes to relationships.

Do you agree? Watch back the on-air convo above for more and to hear Seacrest's opinion.