Is Tanya Rad Back Together With Her Boyfriend? Watch

Tanya Rad's Napa "retreat" was successful to say the least. Our favorite bachelorette confessed to Ryan Seacrest and the team her Napa getaway was indeed with her ex and not some guru-led spiritual awakening despite what Seacrest hilariously thought.

"I should have said 'couples retreat' because there were a lot of things - it wasn’t just a vacation; it was trying to see if we could do this again," Tanya explained, sharing that after their split, the "breakup didn't feel right so we started talking again."

"We decided we wanted to try and start over again, but you know when you break a bone and it needs to be in a cast for a little bit? That's kind of where I feel like we're at right now so I didn’t want to bring it to the family until the cast is taken off," she added, revealing they're taking baby steps back into it.

So, what does Seacrest think?

Credit: Tanya Rad/OAWRS Zoom

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