Luke Bryan's Tip For a Successful Marriage Might Surprise You

Credit: Getty/OAWRS Zoom

Credit: Getty/OAWRS Zoom

Are fights and make-up sex the key to a healthy relationship? Tanya Rad shared on-air Luke Bryan revealed his two tips when it comes to a successful marriage with his wife of 14 years, Caroline, and they include communication and make-up relations.

The country crooner and American Idol judge met Caroline in 1998 at a little bar by their college. They dated in school then broke up and ultimately got back together.

"What's the secret to a great marriage?" Luke answered during a chat with TheSkimm, before smiling and saying, "Communicate and make-up sex."

So, is this the key?

Do you think it’s good to get in fights with your partner? Is this a key that no one really talks about? What are some other keys that people don’t talk about? Listen back and sound off on social @OnAirWithRyan