Psychologist Shares Tips to Help Child's Anxiety About Returning to School

Is your child nervous about returning to in-person learning following the COVID-19 pandemic and over a year of at-home schooling? Licensed clinical & school psychologist Dr. Ann Caballero, who specializes in assessment & treatment for children, adolescents, women, & families, shared with Ryan Seacrest tips parents can use to help.

Dr. Caballero shares parents should first pinpoint what is it specifically that their child is anxious about? Are they nervous about getting sick, wearing a mask all day, being separated?

“I think for parents to try to get at what is it exactly that their kid’s anxious about [is key] and the thing with anxiety is those anxious thoughts tell us stories in our head that aren’t always accurate,” Dr. Caballero explained. “So if parents can … give kids a replacement story that’s more accurate that can do so much for kids.”

Credit: Pexels/OAWRS Zoom/Twitter

Credit: Pexels/OAWRS Zoom/Twitter

Dr. Caballero added that it’s important to help kids learn how to change the narrative in their heads.

“You have to coach yourself through your anxiety as you’re in the school day so parents can really give kids coaching,” she added. “[Like] here’s what you can tell yourself when you feel those thoughts come up at school.”

Listen back to Dr. Caballero’s chat with Seacrest in the audio above for more tips.