Single & Wondering Why? Your DNA May Predict the Quality of Relationships

Credit: Pexels

Have you streamed Netflix's new series The One yet? This new study reminded Sisanie of the series. According to a new report, your DNA may predict the quality of your relationships.

Sisanie explained to Ryan Seacrest a 2014 study linked certain variants of the gene CD38 to higher rates of gratitude, which researchers called the "behavioral and psychological 'glue' to bind individuals closer together."

To follow up on that research, a recent study, conducted at the University of Arkansas, examined the same gratitude gene variant to explore if there was a connection between DNA and satisfaction in the first years of marriage.

The DNA was pulled from the saliva samples of 142 newlyweds three months after being married.

Sisanie explained you can have the CC variant or the AC/AA variant of this CD38 gene. The findings suggest people with the CC variant of the CD38 gene (the gene linked to more gratitude) were more likely to report higher trust in their partner, more likely to forgive their partner, and more satisfied in their marriages than people with the AC/AA variant.

What do you think? Would you want to know? We still don't exactly understand it all but listen back to the audio above for more, including to hear Seacrest's opinion on the matter.