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'Team Ranya’ Listener Sent Ryan Seacrest & Tanya a 'Love Fern’

Credit: OAWRS

The campaign for #TeamRanya lives on. Dedicated listener Amy, who wholeheartedly believes that Ryan Seacrest and Tanya Rad are meant for each other, sent Seacrest and Tanya a “love fern.”

In case you missed it, Amy called in previously and advocated for the two to date and has since created an Instagram account dedicated to the cause @TeamRanya.

“I sent you guys over a box of love for you and Tanya, for Team Ranya,” Amy shared with Seacrest. “You guys see that love fern? You need to nourish it and water it every day and make sure it grows. … You start small and it grows into a bigger love.”

Amy is convinced the duo would make the perfect pair but what do Seacrest and T-Rad think? 

Listen back to the hilarious on-air moment to find out.