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There’s a Tinder Style App For Couples Now Who Need Date Ideas

"What should we do tonight?" The dreaded question when you run out of date ideas! But, there's an app for that! Sisanie shared on-air there's a new Tinder-like app called Cobble for couples.

Sis shared on-air the developer of the app realized couples were missing an important piece of tech. Cobble works just like Tinder both you and your partner need to be signed up and you either swipe right on ideas you like or left on ones you don’t. When you both swipe right on the same idea, it’s a match!

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

The app originally launched in NYC, but now amid the pandemic, there's a "stay in" option too.

Would you try the app? Watch back the on-air moment above to find out what Ryan Seacrest thinks of the idea and for more from the gang.