The Man Behind the Show That Made Seacrest Cry 6 Times Explains It All

People are mesmerized by Hulu’s hit new show In & Of Itself. It’s a mix of a one-man-show with magic and illusion and an interactive experience for the audience which left Ryan Seacrest in tears. The man behind the show, Derek DelGaudio, joined Seacrest on-air and shared the mission behind it.

“I try not to tell them anything. I just say you have to see it,” Derek confirmed of the show, which we also won’t give away. “… It’s a theater show about identity,” Derek added. “I ask a lot of the audience. … It’s about the responsibility we have and how we shape one another’s identity. We go through this world not really being aware of the act of observation and what that does to one another so just kind of bringing an awareness to that.”

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

In & Of Itself truly asks a lot from the viewer, so much so, it made Seacrest cry six times.

“I mean I really cried,” Seacrest admitted. “I laughed and I cried. It was really an emotional rollercoaster.”

Watch back the full interview for more and find out for yourself what happens by streaming In & Of Itself on Hulu now.