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Feeling Stressed? This Type of Music Will Instantly Help

Credit: OAWRS Zoom / Pexels

Life comes with its stresses and there's no doubt that music is here to help. So which genre of music can help?

Sisanie shared with Ryan Seacrest on-air 1,500 adult volunteers (ages 18-65) were asked to undergo a series of mental stress tests, during which they listened to various playlists composed of several popular genres of music, including the ’60s “Golden Oldies,” ’70s rock anthems and ’90s R&B. The experiment also included dubstep, jazz and modern classical.

So which genre helped the most? Cheesy hits from the ’80s reportedly had the most soothing effect!

96% of the group reported a decrease in blood pressure while listening to the tunes and 36% also felt their heart rate drop.

Listen back to hear Seacrest and Sisanie give it a try and for a pick-me-up because songs on the playlist include "Heaven Is A Place on Earth" and Spandau Ballet's "True."