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If You Have Zoom Meetings, You Need to Know About This Sneaky App

If you have a bevy of Zoom meetings now, there's a new app that might be in your favor when you want to step away without turning off your camera.

Sisanie shared on-air with Ryan Seacrest and Tanya there’s an app called FreezingCam that lets you freeze your webcam so it appears that you’re still in a Zoom meeting, but really you could be doing other things like making your lunch or maybe even squeezing in a workout.

FreezingCam has two main features: freezing your webcam so this makes it so you still have your face on the call and stuttering webcam so it will make your webcam stutter as if your internet is going out

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Sisanie added there's also a bonus feature: you can play a looped video instead of your webcam.

Would you ever try this?! Watch back the on-air moment above to see Seacrest's reaction and for more on the latest app everyone's buzzing about.