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Ryan Seacrest

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Dax Shepard Shares the Magic Behind Candid Podcast ‘Armchair Expert’

If you haven’t tuned into Dax Shepard’s podcast, Armchair Expert, you’re missing out. The candid weekly podcast “celebrates the messiness of being human” and Dax personally has the ability to get the tidbits you’ve always wanted to know out of his celebrity pals.

“Probably to a fault, I’m a terrible projector,” Dax shared with Ryan Seacrest of how he gets his famous friends to open up. “You know, I like to assume everyone feels the same way I do so when I’m learning about somebody, I just try to latch on to some things that if I had been in that situation, I know it would have — I hate to use this word — triggered whatever fears I have or insecurities,” Dax explained. “So that’s kind of my approach. I just look at someone’s walk through life and see when they had failures and how they’ve handled them and how fascinating that is. I’m a big believer I learn a lot more from people’s missteps than I do their victories.”

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Check out the Armchair Expert here and watch back the full interview in the video above to hear more from Dax, including why he wanted to be involved in Top Gear America.