3 Things You Should and Shouldn’t Buy in February

Here are 3 things you should buy this month to get a great deal and 3 things you should absolutely pass on. Ryan Seacrest has your perfect shopping list. 


There are lots of great deals leading up to the "Big Game". If you've been waiting, now may be a good time to take the plunge!

Video Games:

New games are released in the early holiday season and by now, they're on sale. 


Presidents’ day weekend always has good deals on bedding. Now just seems like the time of year that you can get a great deal, according to Seacrest.



New styles are released in the next few months.That is when the discounts happen. 


Prices on flowers are hiked up big time around Valentine's Day. If your partner doesn’t care much for flowers, this may help you pick up some savings.

Fitness Equipment:

Everyone wants to get in shape around this time of the year, right after New Year's. Fitness equipment is going to be more expensive, according to Seacrest.

That's it! This is Seacrest's comprehensive guide to what you should and shouldn't buy for the month of February. What's on your list?!

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