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Can Pregnant Women Get COVID Vaccines? Seacrest’s Doctor Answers Questions

Credit: Getty Images

Can pregnant women get the COVID vaccine? Do we need to worry about those variants we’ve been hearing about in the news? Ryan Seacrest’s doctor, Dr. Shawn Nasseri, and Shawn’s wife, Dr. Bita Nasseri, joined Seacrest via Zoom on Tuesday, January 26, to answer our questions.

Dr. Shawn Nasseri confirmed we’re finally in a “very controlled rollout” with the vaccine and that more are on their way, with companies like Johnson & Johnson releasing a vaccine in “the next month or six weeks” which “will [make] several million more doses” available.

One question at the top of mind for listeners: Can pregnant women get the vaccine?

“Not yet,” Dr. Bita Nasseri warned. Why? Because there just isn’t enough data yet.

“It’s not dangerous, it just hasn’t had enough time to be studied if there are any kind of side effects to the unborn fetus and the mother herself,” Dr. Bita added. “The usage has been questionable at the time … but they don’t say it’s unsafe.”

Listen back to the full interview to learn more about pregnancy and the vaccine as well as if we should be worried about variants and to learn about Euka, the wellness routine they recommend, and the benefits.