Jessica Alba Reveals How She Overcame ‘Imposter Syndrome’

Actress and business mogul Jessica Alba recently opened up about battling imposter syndrome and Tanya Rad shared on-air she’s never felt more seen.

"I've always had this imposter syndrome thing – and I always felt like I didn't deserve to be here," Alba revealed of building her business during the third installment of #StraightTalk, an interview series organized by the employee resource group Women @ Meredith. "I always felt like it was God, and luck and magic that had got me here," Alba continued. "But I think being with my husband [producer Cash Warren] over these years, he let me know, 'Hey, it's all the hard work you've always put in. You deserve to be here as much as anyone else.' And over time I guess I've sort of let that sink in and marinate."

Alba founded the Honest Company in 2012 – which became a leader in the natural baby category and a trailblazer for clean products — in 2015. Forbes has since valued the company at $1 billion.

Credit: OAWRS Zoom / Getty Images

Credit: OAWRS Zoom / Getty Images

Ryan Seacrest admitted he’s struggled with feeling inadequate at times too. For him, it’s being around people who have graduated college considering he dropped out at age 19.

Watch back the on-air moment to hear how he manages it and more from the team.