Are You a Bad Neighbor If You Still Have Christmas Lights Up?

Are you a bad neighbor if you still have your Christmas lights up? Did you know some think it's even bad luck?

"Our house looked like a lot of Christmas. We had candy canes and snowmen and Santa Clauses ... like, a lot," Sisanie admitted to Ryan Seacrest on-air, revealing she took down a lot of the decor recently but hasn't gotten around to taking down the lights.

The problem? Her neighbor recently texted her asking why she only took some down, hinting that maybe it's time and they're over looking at isicles.

Credit: Getty / OAWRS Zoom

Credit: Getty / OAWRS Zoom

As for that rumor that it's bad luck to keep up your decorations though? According to Google, if they're not removed by January 5 they should stay up all year. Eek!

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