Ryan Seacrest Hilariously Admits Dating Apps Aren't His Thing: Watch

Would Ryan Seacrest be good at dating apps? The hilarious convo came up after Sisanie shared on-air that popular dating app Hinge has made some updates to its platform.

The app, which is “designed to be deleted” meaning you’ll find your person, recently added a new feature to help accelerate the search for a partner called "roses." You have a limited number of them, so if you send a rose to another user, it's a strong indication you are particularly interested in that person.

Since Hinge Roses are hard to come by, it's advised to use them sparingly. Hinge provides you with one free "rose" per week. If you want additional "roses" without the hassle of waiting a week, they are available for purchase.

They also have a new feature called "standouts." Every day you get 10 specially curated matches for you based on your swiping habits.

So, how do we feel about virtual roses? More importantly, how does Seacrest feel about dating apps? Not so fondly.

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

“I don’t know I’m not on Hinge but if you want to send me a rose DM I’m down,” Seacrest said, hilariously admitting that he doesn’t think dating apps are his thing.

“I don’t either because I think you’re better in person,” Tanya hilariously added. “I feel like a dating app would not be good for you.”

Watch back the funny on-air moment above and sound off on social @OnAirWithRyan regarding these updates to Hinge. Are you down?