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Joe Manganiello Details Epic Food Truck, A-List Dungeons & Dragons Nights

OK, we’re jealous and want to be invited and we don’t even play Dungeons & Dragons. Ryan Seacrest Zoomed with Archenemy actor Joe Manganiello on Friday, December 11, and got a breakdown on those epic, A-list attended Dungeons & Dragons game nights.

“Vince [Vaughn] is in my group. I have an all-star, A-list celebrity Dungeons & Dragons game that I run on Friday nights and Vince is a big part of that,” Joe confirmed, revealing he’s transitioned the game to Zoom during the pandemic.

“I figured out how to run it on the computer,” he added, revealing that game night features a bevy of perks. “These guys, we’ll get to like 12, 12:30 [AM]. I’m like, ‘OK, guys, it’s late. Does anyone need to go anywhere?’ … When we would meet in person guys would roll in at 6 [PM] and I’d sometimes get a food truck … and then we’d go till 2 in the morning.”

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Dungeons & Dragons isn’t the only alternative universe Joe’s been occupying. The actor stars in Archenemy where he plays a hero from another dimension who fell through time and space to earth.

Watch back the full Zoom interview to learn how all those hair transformations went and more from Joe!

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