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Yes, the SpaceX Crew Really Took Baby Yoda to Space: Watch

The force was with the SpaceX Crew Dragon Resilience when they launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida earlier this week and then docked with the International Space Station. The team brought along with them Baby Yoda! The beloved Mandalorian character joined the four astronauts onboard as a “zero-gravity indicator,” a small object the crew uses to determine when their spacecraft has reached microgravity environment.

According to the Associated Press, Sisanie shared on-air the crew named their Dragon capsule "Resilience" due to the challenges 2020 has brought us. The four astronauts will remain in orbit until the springtime, at which point their replacements will arrive on board another SpaceX Dragon capsule. They will reportedly receive regular food and supply deliveries through a cargo version of the capsule.

Watch back the video above to see Baby Yoda conquer his role and for more on the launch!