Rachel Scott Sheds Light on What It’s Like Inside the White House Right Now

Credit: OAWRS Zoom & Lorenzo Bevilaqua\ABC

Credit: OAWRS Zoom & Lorenzo Bevilaqua\ABC

White House correspondent Rachel Scott joined Ryan Seacrest on-air on Thursday, November 5, as the nation continues to await the 2020 presidential election race to 270.

As of Election Day, November 3, it remains too early to call who has won the 2020 presidential election. Neither President Donald Trump nor Democratic nominee Joe Biden have yet to score the needed 270 Electoral College votes while remaining states continue to count ballots. Biden is cutting into Trump's lead as the current President continues to issue legal action. 

“Two things are for sure,” ABC News’ Rachel shared, “Voters right now are engaged, but they’re also on edge. We’re seeing that play out right here in the nation’s capital. Right outside of the White House you have this ginormous perimeter set up, you have these huge fences around the entire White House complex. … Again [protestors] gathered with a message that they want President Trump out of office, but they also came with a message to make sure that every single vote is counted. … They just want to make sure that we get this right."

Scott, who interned at the White House for six months during former President Barack Obama’s term, added that White House staffers are equally as stressed as the public.

“They’re all anxious,” she shared. “They’re just like Americans right now. They’re on the edge of their seats trying to figure out what exactly is going to happen and right now the pathway to 270 is really hinging on some really critical battleground states and the reason we’re waiting for so long is because some of these states, like Pennsylvania, they don’t actually start counting the ballots until on Election Day. … Those ballots are now slowly being opened and unsealed one-by-one and that just takes time.”

Listen back to the audio above to hear more from Rachel, including her own personal journey from USC to the White House.