Amy Schumer Shares Becoming a Mom Changed Her for the Better

Amy Schumer isn’t sitting around during quarantine. The comedian has spent her time not only learning to cook in the kitchen with husband Chef Chris Fischer for their Food Network series, she's also lent her voice to help make a difference.

The funnywoman, who donned a T-shirt that read “Love Black People Like You Love Black Culture,” shared with Ryan Seacrest that she wakes up every single day and helps advocate for Black Lives Matter.

“Everyone is like bumpin’ hip hop, but then what are they doing to help?” she reflected, before revealing her involvement with another activism group: Supermajority.

“It’s really focusing on the collective impact of women and how women are the lead for donors and voters and everything in this election so is a great way to get involved to help because it’s not too late,” she stressed. “Go and vote and tell everyone you know to go and vote.”

Schumer added that “it’s all about what can we do now?” and that becoming a mother certainly helped kick her into gear.

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

“Yeah, I can’t lie,” she told Seacrest when asked if welcoming son Gene impacted her outlook. “I wasn’t always this nice but there was you know that one sign when George Floyd called for his momma, it summoned all the mothers and you know just looking at everybody as somebody’s baby. Your heart just kind of expands and so I think I’m just way more tuned in and sensitive.”

Watch back the full interview in the video above for more and to learn how you too can get involved. (And in case you missed it, the team was dressed up for Halloween as Seacrest's future baby.)