Dr. Phil Details Heartwarming New Show ‘That Animal Rescue Show’

Dr. Phil is bringing his passion for animals and human communication with a 10-episode documentary, That Animal Rescue Show. The new series explores the special relationship between animals and humans.

“These are sanctuaries where animals were born with defects, they maybe have a deformed claw or paw or spinal problem or they’ve been severely abused or whatever and have been taken into a sanctuary and … we bring out children that are very much the same way,” Dr. Phil shared with Ryan Seacrest on-air of the series. “We’ve got animals that have spinal problems, are in wheelchairs for their back legs, and we bring out children that are the same way and they see how happy these animals are and how much they run around and play with each other and they go, 'Wow, if they can be that happy then I can!’”

Watch back the full interview in the video above for more, including how Dr. Phil feels human interaction has changed since the global pandemic.

Catch That Animal Rescue Show tonight, October 29, on CBS All Access.