Are You Guilty of Being One of These Zoom ‘Characters’?

Every since the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown begun, Zoom has become the norm in our lives. It went from exciting virtual happy hours to now how we conduct a majority of our business and communication for some. After seven months of staring at co-workers in little boxes on the screens of laptops, tablets and phones, workers are experiencing “Zoom fatigue.” In fact, the term shows up in Google searches about 500,000 times.

And now, as Sisanie shared on-air, there are Zoom characters to look out for on business calls

Watch back the video above for Sis to break down the below. Are you guilty of being any of these? Sound off on social @OnAirWithRyan.

The lurker: We all know someone who has refused to turn the camera on during a Zoom call. If everyone else on the call is visible, experts say they’re being rude.

The pirate: There’s nothing more irritating than the person who constantly hijacks the meeting and steers it off-topic. Time is precious!

The social butterfly: This is the chatty co-worker who wants in on every Zoom call and seems to be buddies with everyone. But there’s real value in someone like this. Experts say right now, during the pandemic, we need to be more human and more social!

The narcissist: Meet the individual who won’t stop staring at themselves on the screen. They keep adjusting their collar and hair and making faces at themselves and are probably not devoting their full attention.

The joker: The ability to be funny on cue is a huge business asset. But it has to be one joke, not a stand-up act and it should be at the expense of yourself, not others in the meeting.